Recording flora and biodiversity species

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Recording flora and biodiversity species

Post by AlanOuten » Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:19 am

Is there no mechanism for publishing new records of flora and fauna in Malta? If no other system operates then it would seem this website might be the best available alternative! In the UK we have a system of County and National Recorders for the majority of groups of organisms and either voucher specimens (or at very least photographs) would be necessary to verify new species. Recorders are (unpaid) volunteers but are appointed by County Natural History Societies and national specialist Societies etc. We also have a system of County and national Biological Record Centres which then act as repositories for all records and data.

I am certainly not doubting Lanfranco for a moment but in the UK claims of having seen something several years later without previous publication or at least notification with voucher evidence to the appropriate Recorders would be treated here with suspicion, especially after other evidence is produced! If there is no formalised system in Malta then clearly this is more problematical. I do think it is important that something should be in place though I know that in some other Mediterranean countries it has only been relatively recently that such mechanisms have been established ..... often by ex-pat Brits or those who are regular visitors!

Is there no Natural History Society for the islands? As I have indicated to Stephen separately I have been disappointed that over two years my mailings to the Entomological Society and the Natural History Museum have met with no responses. Raising public awareness on the islands and elsewhere in Europe is very important in order to safeguard the natural treasures that you have and this should surely also be an important role for such a Society. Stephens work on this site is an excellent start but there must be many other people there who could become involved in further promoting and developing what he has so splendidly initiated. Maybe though as an outsider I am just naive, ill-informed and speaking out of turn. If so my apologies to anyone who might be offended!


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Post by MWP admin » Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:35 am

There is no mechanism for recording records and I have been quarreling about this for the last 5 years. I tried to encourage this through this forum but there was very little success. Usually I go publishing records in a local journal and be guided by the referees, without any evidence such as a voucher specimen or photograph for support or removing any doubts. It seems no one is that interested to spend effort to do so (recording) for nothing, but they prefer to publish their records in scientific articles.

I perfectly agree with the second paragraph. Many times I would like some sort of evidence of records found by others 10-20 years ago, rather than just by word of mouth.

Like you, I barely found any help when I contact EMS but get some help when I contact personally the members (some friends I have). Nevertheless, it seems to be a kind of burden to submit many ID emails so I kind got discouraged. I tend to post IDs on the forum.
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Post by IL-PINE » Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:53 pm

That would be interesting.

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