Eclectic Materia Medica
Pharmacology and Therapeutics
by H.W. Felter

For the second anniversary from its official launch (31-Oct-2002) is happy to supply you with an interesting on-line book (pdf format) about Herbal Therapy as practiced some decades ago. There is many comprehensive information about the therapeutical herbs, preparations of the corresponding drug, dosages and indications. The book contains nearly 500 pages including a list of definitions of therapeutic terms terms and pharmaceutical preparations at its glossary. The book lists the drug, genus of plant or some herbal species in alphabetical order. For each herb its common name, principal constituents, and action is given. When necessary, toxicology, specific indications, preparations, and other relevant details is also supplied. The book has no illustrations of the plants as it is more focused on the therapy action rather then the botany of the herbs.

Written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M.D. (1922).

Download the book or its parts from the links below
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