Support Malta Wild Plants Website has always been an important source of information about the biodiversity of plants growing on the Maltese islands. It went online on October 2002 with about 15 common wild plants and have been provided since then for free and almost advert-free for all these years. Now the website have grown to huge source of information and bring together a community of people interested in local flora or environment. Now this website delivers the following :

  • Over 920 illustrated plant species
  • Over 300 species of fauna and fungi
  • Over 11,000 photos
  • Over 85 detailed plant profiles.
  • Six different indices to plants including colour indices.
  • Continuous updating, maintenance and technical issues of the website
  • A forum with almost 9000 posts
  • A Facebook page with 900 members and 1200 posts/year
  • Over 30 peer-reviewed publications
  • And lots of help and support to third parties

I have not shared my knowledge or information in a book or a paid website to make some income or profit, and when I started this website, then I was single and living with my parents, I never thought about that. But now, in my forties, things changed and priorities which brings bread to my family always get importance. If you regularly use this website and wish to give a small contribution to help with the progress and development and even survival of, I would greatly appreciate.

Your kind contribution will greatly help to cover part of the expenses involved in this most comprehensive website about the flora of Malta and keep it free of charge and without subscriptions or annoying ads. It is fair to take the opportunity and thank companies and authorities who in the past had sponsored this website: Malta Tourism Authority, HSBC, RTDI, Middle Sea Insurance, Richmond's Foundation, PIM Projects, AIS Environmental, MGI, Piscopo gardens, and Atlas Insurance.

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