Orchids of the Maltese Islands (by Stephen Mifsud)

About the Book:

Orchids of the Maltese Islands contains the most up-to-date information about the orchids of Malta, backed by twelve years of surveying and research by botanist and taxonomist Stephen Mifsud. The book features:

  • All species occurring in the Maltese Islands, including new species to science described from Malta.
  • Species profiles covering nomenclature, etymology, habitat, distribution, frequency, a detailed morphological description, species variability, closely related species, taxonomic notes and local history and a quick identification note.
  • Observed pollinators for each orchid
  • Identification keys for determining species in the field.
  • More than 300 photos from orchids in Malta.
  • Distribution maps for each species
  • Evolution, ecology, classification, hybridisation, and fascinating pollination techniques that are unique to orchids
  • Four in-depth taxonomic discussions for the academic reader.
  • Reference tables for quick access to information: flowering periods, common names, pollinators, taxa lists, etc.
  • A photographic collage of orchids found in neighbouring Sicily.
  • An extensive glossary with 110 terms.

About the Author:

Stephen Mifsud Stephen Mifsud is a self-taught botanist since 2001 and who graduated as a plant taxonomist in 2013 at the University of Edinburgh. His passion for wild plants led to him to create the now popular website www.MaltaWildPlants.com in 2002 which he still maintains and updates till present date. His studies of the Maltese flora have progressed throughout the years, where he has written some 40 research papers and described five taxa of plants new to science, three of which are endemic orchids. He participated in the red-list assessment of Mediterranean monocots and some endemic species for IUCN and is currently studying local species of fungi. He has a particular interest in orchids since 2007 and his research and observations are gathered in this book.

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  • Author: Stephen Mifsud
  • Photos: Stephen Mifsud
  • Editors: Rebecca Kemp and
    Simone Cutajar
  • Designer: Jan Mertens
  • Map plotting: Philippe Meinhardt
  • Illustrations: Simone Cutajar*
  • Coordination: Nika Levikov
  • Publisher: GreenHouse Malta
  • Printer: BestPrint Malta
  • * Adapted from illustrations by Eliza Klopfenstein
The Orchid Book Review Site: "I recommend this book in the first place to every Maltese nature lover and to everyone, but especially to those who visits Malta to discover the local nature." [Read more]
Blog by Alfred Baldacchino (25/2/19): " This comprehensive reference on indigenous orchids is not only a much needed updated scientific platform for locals and other foreign botanists, but also for orchid enthusiasts, as well as for educators, planners, as well as those passionate about Maltese natural history. " [Read more]
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