MaltaPost Issues New Stamp Set Fungi


The natural fashion of fungi which are found in Malta and Gozo, have been chosen to feature on this set of five stamps. 

The set, designed by Stephen Mifsud, with face values of Euro 0.05, Euro 0.12, Euro 0.19, Euro 0.26, Euro 1.57, are 35.0mm x 35.0mm in size, with a perforation of 14.28 x 14.28 (comb).  The stamps are offset printed on Maltese Crosses watermarked paper by Printex Limited, and are available in sheets of ten.

Stephen Mifsud is a dedicated floristic enthusiast with a particular passion to local species.  His website,, is a detailed database which describes in detail the wild flowering plants growing in Malta with hundreds of different species of plants which are found in the various habitats throughout the Maltese islands.

The five examples chosen by the artist for this issue are Laetiporus sulphureus (Euro 0.05), Montagnea arenaria (Euro 0.12), Pleurotus eryngii (Euro 0.19), Inonotus indicus (Euro 0.26), Suillus collinitus (Euro 1.57).

Fungi are a group of organisms and micro-organisms that are classified within their own kingdom, the fungal kingdom, as they are neither plant nor animal. Fungi draw their nutrition from decaying organic matter, living plants and even animals.  Many play an important role in the natural cycle as decomposers and the return of nutrients to the soil.  Fungi are even used for medical purposes, such as in penicillin. 

These stamps are available as First Day Covers, in mint or cancelled format, and as Souvenir Folders and Presentation Packs. The stamps will be on sale from 27th March 2009, at all MaltaPost branches in Malta and Gozo, the MaltaPost Mobile Unit, and the Philatelic Bureau (tel. 2596 1747, e-mail Additional information on this and other issues is available on the MaltaPost website

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