Zamenis situla  Utiger, 2002
Main synonym = Elaphe situla    Linnaeus, 1758
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Chordata / Reptilia / Squamata / Colubridae
Leopard Snake, European Ratsnake     Lifgħa
Further Information:
"Reaching up to 1 meter in length the Leopard snake usually constrics its prey. It feeds mainly on rodents but when still young it eats lizards. This snake hibernates during winter when temperatures are low and reproduces in spring laying roughly 4 eggs. This beautiful snake does not have slit-like pupils unlike that of a Telescopus fallax and is diurnal. May be seen at dusk.

There are four different pattern forms: blotched (the common one), striped, quadristriped, and hohenackeri-type. Information from Kingsnake.com, the Hohenackeri form (images 8-12 below) is apparently known only from Malta, while in other regions, specimens with a partial pattern is also found. The images of this 'endemic' form were photographed from Zebbug (Gozo) on 28 October 2013 by Stephen Mifsud where an example was found injured possibly after being hunted by a ferile cat. Further info: Kingsnake.com . Many thanks to Mr. Carmel Camilleri for the extra information about different pattern morphs of the Leopard Snake."

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