Publish your academic articles NOW

Have you made an academic article, thesis, dissertation, etc and want to publish it to millions of people using the internet. Here is finally the ideal means.

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Publish your academic articles NOW

Post by MWP admin » Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:30 pm

This topic is dedicated to those who wants to publish their academic articles online for the public of the internet. The forum can be read by everyone but editable by members only.

Apart that publishing takes place within few seconds, another advantage is that my website had a paid service so that it gets high ranked on google and yahoo search results.

It will also of great interess for the forum members to read interesting articles about the Maltese environment.


1) The article must be your own work - you cannot post work of other authors, unless you have permission by the author.

2) The title of the post must be the title of the article

3) Only one article per post. A post with numerous articles is not allowed.

4) The articles must be related to local environment (flora and fauna of the Maltese islands). At this stage, articles related to non local environment are not allowed and I, the adminstrator, will remove such posts.

5) The formats accepted are pdf, powerpoint, and MS files (.doc, .xls, etc). Pdf are much more preferred. exe files not allowed
Currentely, attachment size is limited (see link below). If your article is larger, please contact the administrator.

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In the body of the post, you can add more relevant info about the article such as the abstract, authour(s), summary, faculty etc. Do as you wish.

One can post by clicking on the browse button under the post body, select the file on your PC, add a description in the file comment (optional) and click add attachment. When the post is ready, click on Submit. Long files can take couple of minutes of uploading. If you experience problems, contact the administrator.

Hope to see some interesting articles!
Stephen Mifsud

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