MEPA - can we build wherever we like

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MEPA - can we build wherever we like

Post by greeny » Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:02 pm

I came accross this highly suspicious illegal building at limits of Dingli. Maybe some member can help me to recognize / name the area where my photo was taken to make it easier forMepa to investigate (if they want)

Additionally the country lanes down the sea coast where all marked "Private property, tidholx"

If this is legal, than I don't know what is not!
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Post by RB » Wed Nov 01, 2006 11:28 am

I think it unlikely that that building is NOT covered by a permit. In this day and age the risks are rather high for that.

The big question is - was it correct to give permission for that sort of building in that area?

Likely this replaced an older building, but still, it seems that aesthetics in consideration of the construction blending with it's surroundings is something that Mepa have no idea about as yet.

As far as the "no entry" signs go, fact is that probably the majority of open space in Malta and Gozo is privately owned or leased, including the roads thereupon, and as such it is not easy to say where one does and does not have a right to enter.

This does not exclude the possibility however that landowners without the right to the roads, arbitrarily decided to put up "no entry" signs on the basis that they take their chances with whoever decides to respect the signs or otherwise.


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