Cement dumping from a quarry near Wied incita.

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Cement dumping from a quarry near Wied incita.

Post by MWP admin » Sun Nov 13, 2005 10:48 am

I have been at wied incita , a really beautiful valley, but spoiled but a fairly large quarry just aside which have removed acres of fertile land for wild life.

The damage further goes on due the fact that the owners of the quarry permit the dumping of cement and lime and other wastes down in the valley, probably while washing their machines on a routine basis.

As a result there is a sediment of cement/lime at the bottom of the valley which is prohibiting plants from growing as well as these compounds are by themselves toxic to many lifeforms.

I am reporting this in the forum so that maybe some one responsible (such as the MEPA) will control better such quarries, and perhaps stop giving permissions for new quarries near valeys and natural resources.

Stephen Mifsud

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