My dream plan for the Maltese countryside

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My dream plan for the Maltese countryside

Post by MWP admin » Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:49 pm

I am writing a simple yet surely effective sketch-plan of how the countryside could be kept free as much as possible from litter, unregistered bird-traps, illegal hunting, dumpings, etc!


Revise and make new rules (approved by Mepa experts if they are still credible) that comply to safeguard our environment - also according EU legislation about the environment.

From the unemployed (or open call for job application), train 300-350 people about the laws of environment so that they become practical and knowledgable green wardens.

Divide the countryside areas and valleys of Malta and Gozo into 100 sectors. (approx 1km squared of area). The area size varies according to location.

Put 3 green wardens every sector. They would be responsible for that area. Working hours can be flexible so that 2 are on duty one rest (so more attractive job to become a green warden)

Equip them with mobiles, digital binoculars with digital camera, cars, educative notice signs, shelters, etc like the traffic wardens.

Each group of 15 or 20 sectors have a central HQ. Public that note something irregular can phone to the corresponding HQ. The HQ contact IMMEDIATELY the green warden by mobile of the particular sector to check the report. Since they are responsible of a smal larea they should arrive in thespot within minutes

In case of public report, it would be the duty of the warden to sue the offender not the person who phoned. (like the traffic wardens do). The public (person) who informed gets a bonus of 15% of the fine if the warden comes in time and catch the offender.

People caught making the offense on digital cameras and are identified (eg from their car number) are also prosecuted. In 2006 there are 10x to 200x zoom technology. Again the person who takes the photo takes a 15% of the fine paid by the offender.

This 15% bonus stimulates the public to report!

From the hefty fines, part of the warden salaries are paid so it would not be a large weight on the maltese economy.

First part of the job of the wardens is to survey the sector, map the bird trapping sites, and those found illegal are removed.

Unemployment gets reduced

Initially there will be a period of trial (no fines). Alterantively the first time its a warning, the second time is a fine.

Might be a good idea that the wardens gets also 15% of the fines to get stimulated for the job

Wardens are audited by dummy offenders.

Free of copyright and patent and can be applied by the GOV (or why not a private company - i am sure its profitable! for the first years)
Stephen Mifsud

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