Can anyone disclose sites of Navelwort ?

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Can anyone disclose sites of Navelwort ?

Post by Pierre » Tue Feb 13, 2007 10:46 pm

I would like to see more of these beautiful plants. Only seen one yet at Bahrija walk and not in a good condition either, consisting only of 2 and a half leaves. Is this a frequent or a rare plant ?

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Post by RB » Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:15 pm

It is not rare, just that it needs a shady or north facing wall with a minimal amount of humidity.

I have seen this plant in many locations, try Buskett, and quite honestly I forgot where else, but many places, I even found some at Lapsi on one side of a boulder, that was unusual as Lapsi is rather dry, it was growing in crevices so I guess that the moisture requirement is not high against what appears initially to be the case.


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NAvelworts from Xlendi (Wied Kantra)

Post by MWP admin » Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:48 pm

I think shade is a more determining factor since our moisture level is quite high, especially by the see or valleys. I too got a black out of the locations, but I remeber some very big specimens at Wied Kantra, Xlendi. I have been there 6 weeks ago and can tell you pin-point where they are....

Wied Kantra is not Wied Xlendi, but the other one near the tower/road to Munxar.

1) Cross the valley from the big 'pedestrian' bridge, as if going to the tower.

2) When you walk up the way, do not go to the tower, but at the opposite side (hence your left) there is a pathway which goes to the fields.

3) While walking this pathway, you are actually walking on the highest edge of the valley side.

4) About 400-500m of walk, the path comes at a very small bridge and continues further into the heart of fields. At this point you can descend easily into the valley bed somewhere near this bridge.

5) Walk a bit down at the valley bed where there are lots of arundo donax (=qasab). There, I alread found some specimen of Umbilicus horizontalis (=navelwort) at the walls but the biggest specimens where further ahead and up.

6) About just 50-80m away from the small bridge, climb up the valley side (same side of the pahway, not side of the building)

7) somewhere on the rocks and field wall stones there where big specimen, probably enjoying fertilisation from the fields nearby. I think the area is about 100-150m from the bridge or even more.

Careful there are alot of nasty spiny Asparaguses in some abandoned fields.

Good luck with your exploration and hope I explaine well. Included are some photos of the specimens at Xlendi.

Now I also remebered that there are some specimens at Wied Incita, but cant tell a pinpoint place.
Specimen from Wied Kantra, Xlendi - look how large was the inflorescence of a specimen from previous year.
Navelwort_Xlendi2.jpg (231 KiB) Viewed 17536 times
Specimen from Wied Kantra, Xlendi - Jan 2007
Navelwort_Xlendi1.jpg (162.81 KiB) Viewed 17536 times
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