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How can you improve

Post by MWP admin » Thu Nov 30, 2006 6:50 pm

Dear website visitors.

After 2 months of testing, I would like to announce a new feature on all the plant profile pages of the site.

At the end of each profile page there is an online input form where one can contribute his information to the particular plant.

Such input is divided into 3 categories:

1) Including more information about the plant.

2) Submitting your locations of the particular plant (uncommon-rare species)

3) Notify me about botanical or serious grammar mistakes.

You can fill any one (or a multiple) of these categories

A life example can be seen in this link: ... a.html#FRM

So if you are reading the profile and you can contribute in any of the above, please scroll down the page and send your feedback. All info submitted would be referenced as personal communication at the reference page (unless you would like to be anonymous)

If you are proud with this Maltese product, please support it. It only takes 1-5 minutes to fill and send the online form and you have the opportunity that your name is in the reference list!

Thank you
Stephen Mifsud

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