31 October 2005

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31 October 2005

Post by MWP admin » Mon Oct 31, 2005 9:48 pm

Maltawildplants.com accomplish its 3rd year today

MaltaWildPlants.com was officially launched on the 31st October 2002 and so today it is the site's 3rd birthday. I really wished to tell you that to speed up its progress the site have got some sponsors such as from the Goverment or private sector but unfortunately the deals and meetings are still going on. I have contacted Farsons, Vodaphone, HSBC, MEPA and the Goverenment but no definite replies yet, everything is in a pending point and awaiting replies.

However I am still able going to give you a pleasant surprise as the tradition of every birthday of the site. I have created a page which features a photogallery of several living species found in the wild life of Malta, mostly insects and lizards. (Birds and fish are difficult to photograph, while not much mammals are found in the wild).

You can access this page by clicking [ here ] , or from the homepage main menu, or from the topbar menu of every page (select Misc/WildNature). Each photo can be enlarged by clicking on the large thumbnail image and further details about the species are also given.

New plant profile entries

Dittrichia viscosa - False Yellowhead

Scilla autumnalis photos

About 15 photos / scanned images has been added for the low growing monocot plant - Scilla autumnalis which previously had only a few (about 9). This Liliaceae plant is found in garigue or steppe such as Dingli cliffs and since of its smallness it is quite difficult to spot. To see the plant profile and the new photos click [ here ]

Colchicum cupanii photos

About 10 photos / scanned images has been added for the lilac flowered monocot plant - Colchicum cupanii This small plant is found flowering in garigues at this time of the year. To see the plant profile and the new photos click [ here ]

Updates in the Botanical Data Section

The parameter "Outgrowing Projections" in the Stem part of the botanical data has been thouroughly revised and now there is a general descriptive image for almost all profiles. The parameter name will be also soon changed to Stem Surface instead of outgrowing projections.

Similarly, the parameter "Stamen" in the Flower part of the botanical data has been thouroughly revised and now, not only the number of stamen is indicated, but also the type of arrangement of the stamen in the flower. Each plant profile has been updated and all include a graphical illustration.

Revision of English

All plant profiles and main pages are currentely being revised for the English Grammer and spelling mistakes. A special thanks go to Owen Mifsud (Malta) who offered on his own will to collaborate and do this task for the benefit of a better readibilty of the pages and plant profiles of MaltaWildPlants.com. - Thank very much you Owen!

Visitor Comments and website popularity.

This month (October 2005), MaltaWildPlants.com have received an elevated number of comments from visitors of the site. I have also omitted some comments because they where very short and simple (such as "congratulations...." and "keep it up...." ). These comments are very important for me and keeps the spirit high for me to keep updating and working on the website in my free time and expenses. Sponsorships would help me to speed up the work, since I would dedicate more time on this popular site.

Speaking about popularity, the number of unique visitors has also risen drastically, now reaching about 1000 per month (30 daily) who have accessed the main index page. Note that these are unique visitors not hits. If you refresh or re-enter the page the counter will not increase! Many keywords realted to species of plants found in Malta rank high (1-20) in google, yahoo and other search engines.
Stephen Mifsud

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