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April News

Post by MWP admin » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:21 am

Sorry for not updating latest profiles added in the MWP website and other related stuff but I am very busy and stressed with everyday life.

However I would like to announce some news relatd to the forum during the last few weeks:

1) To add some fun to the forum there are hundreds of new emotion icons (referred to as emoticons). Special dedication to our the German friends :occasion5:

2) The forum was not working fro some Maltese ISP (onvol most affected) during March/April, but now it is all fixed. Sorry for those who could not access well the forum.

3) In beg of April the forum was hijacked and damaged. After hours of despair and a sleepless night it was restored but there is a small bug - some pic attachments are shown in duplicates. Sorry for that

Thanks for your voluntary contribution of posting interesting stuff related to Maltese nature. Also special welcome to the new members joined during this month which is a pleasure to get to know that they are young, intelligent, pro-nature youths.

Please feel free to submit suggestions, comments, bugs and dislikes to make the forum more efficient, educative and fun.

Stephen Mifsud

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Post by jackpot » Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:10 pm

in fact, I am not an emoticons lover :roll:

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