October 2007 News

Latest news about the website and whole project. Can be read in more detail on www.maltawildplants.com/News.html

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October 2007 News

Post by MWP admin » Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:14 am

While waiting the 2007-2008 season to start, I have some few news to tell you.

1) The colour index of wild plants

The species list in the colour index pages have been sorted first by family and then by species name. This makes life easier to find a plant from its colour, as for example the yellow asteraceae are all grouped near each other rather than scattered along the whole page. [ example link ]

2) Update of the Fungi and Fauna webpage:

The fauna page of the maltawildplants.com [ Link here ] has been updated considerably this month, and now there is twice as much species as there was in August. This is thanks to some members of this forum namely Conchiolin (data input and field research) and Jonagius (for the expertise). However I want also to give thanks to Prof. Patrick J. Schembri for additional help and photos of the Maltese lizards and Davdand and il-Pine for further identifications.

The most interesting news is however the fact that there is a new filter tool, where one can select a certain range of organisms according to their kindom, phylum, class or order. For example one can sellect to view the Molluscs only or the Lepidoptera

3) Comments page with criteria filter

The comments page also have a filter by criteria tool, where one can view a selected range of comments, such as those in a selected year (or years), country (or countreis) or type of comment.
Have a look on at this page from this [ link ]

I take the opportunity to give thanks to all those who submitetd a comment for the hard work involved in maltawildplants.com

4) A new book about Maltese Nature

A new book about the nature (flora/fauna) of Gozo is going to be launched in October and it contains several species of which some are quite rare or gozo-endemic. (eg: here) I am involved in this book as one of main photographers of the flora section as it consists dozens of photos of rather rare plants taken by myself (some present in the website itself). The flora section is edited by Edwin Lanfranco. The book also have a section about the fauna and countryside walks in Gozitan nature. It is aimed for the tourists and general public, but the biological sections are very good with accurate information and nice photos :wink:

5) A newly revamped website on Finland's Flora

During my 7 weeks in Finland (Pedersore/Larsmo districts), I kept busy on flora in my free time. The fruit of such dedication can be seen on the following website on an own domain:

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