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Requests about identification of wild plants in Malta and Gozo. (Please include precise details and pictures to help the experts in their ID process)

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Support MaltaWildPlants by giving a small Donation

Post by MWP admin » Sat Sep 16, 2006 8:34 pm

The MaltaWildPlants forum have accomplished 1 year of existance and anyone should agree that it is doing a very good task for spreading priceless information to Maltese and foreigners alike who love the Maltese flora and environment.

The forum have the following main functions:

- Identification of Plants by experts.
- Reporting discoveries of rare to endangered species on the Maltese islands
- Open discussion about Maltese flora and environment (sharing of opinions)
- Ideas of how the Maltese environment can be improved
- Reporting of ‘illegal’ activities, building or waste-dump.
- Online publishing of articles, thesis or other academic literature
- Educational info and questions about plants
- Topics about birds, reptiles, marine biology, fungi, and mammals
- Member outings every month to explore the beauty of Maltese flora and environment.
- Meeting and contacts to local and foreign experts.

As you might expect, all this managment takes lots of time and resources, not speaking of the expenses involved. Despite this, the forum is being offered for free at the comoft of your house or office.

I am not going to put the forum against a subscription fee (as most organisations and services around) in order to help Maltese Nature education, increase awarness and loved as much as possible by the public.

However I feel fair and righteous of asking a free-will donation from the members to support the forum and its managment.

For this reason I have created an online donation form, which is hosted on a secure server with money transactions gated automatically to the bank. Donations start from the price of a pint of local beer to any value you wish. Even the smallest contribution is well appreciated.

To make a donation, please click on the link below: ... tion0.html

I thank you in advance for your support.

Stephen Mifsud
Stephen Mifsud

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