White rusts isolated in Malta

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White rusts isolated in Malta

Post by MWP admin » Thu Nov 03, 2005 9:29 pm

I am in good relationship with the plant mycologist - Dr. Angelo Porta-Puglia and few days ago we made an interesting isolation.

I had some Portulaca oleracea (Budlieqa) growing in a large pot in the terrace. These have been growing anually (self sowing) fore several years. This year I noted something strange - the leaves had white to cream blobs on the leaves. Many where dying or shrivelling.

I went to talk with this with my friend Dr. Angelo Porta-Puglia (the tutor of my dissertation of my Diploma in Agriculture course) and took some samples with me.

After close examination with the stereo microscope and light microscope, it was concluded that these blobs are what are know as white rusts. They are Fungi of the Albugo Genus.

Some info about white rusts:

http://saspp.org/embed/knoxdaviesbook/k ... /Page9.htm

Stephen Mifsud

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