Synaema globosum  Dahl, 1907
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Arthropoda / Arachnida / Araneae / Thomisidae
Red Crab spider     Brimba tal-fjuri mbaċċa
Further Information:
A species of the crab spider group, which catches its prey not by means of webs, but by hiding around flowers and catch the visiting insects / pollinators themselves. They can be found on different flowering plant species, but somehow they prefer Apiaceae (carrot family of plants). They can make a hollow-shaped hide out with the aid of their web in the delicate flowers of these plants, in which they hide and attack by ambush the pollinator. The 2 front pairs of legs are large and modified to enhance the grabbing of the prey

The abdomen has variable colouration; white, yellow or red with a black pattern. Some people have found in these markings a certain resemblance to the silhouette of Napoleon. The rest of the body is black. The female is larger by x2-x3 from the male and can reach up to 7-8mm. In Malta, they are often met in Spring.

Three subspecies have been described:
Synaema globosum clarum (Franganillo, 1913) - 'pale'
Synaema globosum flavum (Franganilo, 1913) - 'yellow'
Synaema globosum pulchellum (Franganillo, 1926) - 'small'
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