Phyllognathus excavatus  (Forster, 1771)    -    Female
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Arthropoda / Insecta / Coleoptera / Scarabaeidae
Scarab beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle     Ħanfusa tal-qarn
Further Information:
This species of Scarab beetle has a polished mahogany-brown colour, measuring about 2cm. It is frequently seen in the beginning of Autumn. The males are distinct bu having a wide sinus or rounded depression at the ventral side of the thorax and a small horn. The horns plays a role in coupulating rituals to attract the female. The females are less frequently seen, because they dg quickly in the soil where they lay their eggs. The larva, remain most of their life in the soil where they feed on organic matter and small roots. For this reason they are often found in compost-rich soils in gardens and parks. The larva is greyish, C-shaped, slow moving and rather large.

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