Passer hispaniolensis  (Temminck, 1820)
Taxonomical Classification:  Animalia / Chordata / Aves / Passeriformes / Passeridae
Spanish Sparrow, Willow Sparrow     Għasfur tal-bejt
Further Information:
"The most common bird on our islands which often nests in houses or farms. They use to nest in ventilation holes of houses, but unfortunately, nowadays such holes are being shielded to avoid such nests and hence the sparrow is facing some pressure due to loss of nesting space, though at the moment, it is not threatened by such activities. They often gather on large trees such as ficus microcarpa and form a 'noisy chirping choir'!

It is very similar to the House Sparrow, and the two species show their close relation in a ""biological mix-up"" of hybridisation in the Mediterranean region, which complicates the taxonomy of this species."

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